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Lavaux Vinorama : the vineyard in your glass
The Chasselas, Switzerland’s typical grape variety, is king in Lavaux. The diversity of its local production, gives the wines sometimes fruity, mineral or even honey type flavors. And the ‘Plant Robert’, an ancient Lemanic grape variety, has regained its land of choice. Black cherry, spices and well enrobed tannins: charms by its character as well as its originality.

Discover about 300 Lavaux wines at Vinorama: The unique “Chasselas” and “Plant Robert”, and also elegant, expressive reds; white specialties; sweet wines… Experience and enjoy them with our tasting flights "Chasselas", "Discovery", "Red" or "Expert".

Our tasting packages:

A. The CHASSELAS package : Tasting of 3 white Chasselas wines (with bread, water, puff pastry sticks), CHF 13.00 per person
B. The DISCOVERY package : Tasting of 2 Chasselas varieties and 1 Plant Robert red wine (with bread, water, puff pastry sticks), CHF 18.00 per person
C. The RED package : Tasting of 3 red wines (with bread, water, puff pastry sticks), CHF 20.00 per person
D. The EXPERT package : Tasting of 3 white wines and 2 red wines (with bread, water, puff pastry sticks) CHF 22.00 per person
E. The APERITIF plate: Cold meats and cheeses from the region, bread, puff pastry sticks CHF 20.- per person. For groups from 10 people only, to be ordered in advance, thank you.
Menu on-site, local specialties to share:
- Rebibes de l'Etivaz AOC CHF 12.- (Specialty of cheese)
- L’Etivaz AOP alpine pasture cheese, CHF 12.-
- Rosace de saucisson au Plant Robert, CHF 14.- (dry sausage)
- Dried bacon with herbs, CHF 12.-

Reservations required for group visits. Thank you!



Lavaux Vinorama – Route du Lac 2 – Case postale 118 – 1071 Rivaz
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